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Frequently Asked Questions


I am from Manhattan and seek respite from the bustle of the Big Apple. Do you have any upstate recommendations and what is the best way to travel upstate?

Located beside the historic and scenic Hudson, Briarcliff Manor, New York is a beautiful and quaint spot for a weekend hiatus from the fast lane. Slow down by visiting Briarcliff's many cozy restaurants, parklands and shops in the Central Business District. After a short commute on the Metro-North train from Manhattan (stopping at the Scarborough Train Station), you will be ambling on the brick-lined streets of Briarcliff Manor.

My family is planning on settling down in Westchester County. If we move into Briarcliff Manor, what can we expect from the Briarcliff School District for our two children?

Briarcliff Manor is actually almost 6 square miles of land within the towns of Ossining and Mt. Pleasant. The village consequently falls into two school districts, Briarcliff Manor and Ossining. Both school systems equip your children with excellent scholastic, social and physical fitness knowledge. If your children are nearing college application time, Briarwood high school is a solid option for preparing students for New York university life.

How can I stay in shape as a resident of the Village of Briarcliff Manor?

Fortunately, there is an impressive range of physical fitness in and around Briarcliff. If you are a sufficiently outdoorsy person, hike or run alongside the Hudson River to take in a good breath and the picturesque view. Do the links interest you? Try taking in 18 holes at the distinguished Trump National Golf Club. If you'd rather work out in the comfort of the indoors, try Club Fit, Briarcliff. This local gym provides an array of cardiovascular, muscle conditioning and competitive challenges for people in all degrees of fitness. For those of us who require a low-impact workout, simply walking along the charming brick roads of downtown Briarcliff Village is a relaxing cardio spurt.

How is the weather in Briarcliff Manor? My wife and I are making the trek up from Long Island in the fall and would like to know how to pack.

Typical of most northeastern towns, Briarcliff Manor is chilly in the fall but pleasantly studded with flecked foliage that takes your mind off the coming long winter. So bring a sweater or two. When the sun comes out, the temperature is quite comfortable and perfect for activities like hiking and football.

My husband and I are planning to move away from Manhattan to settle into a residential and charming town like Briarcliff Manor. Is there any way we can bring his infirm mother so she can be near us?

In fact, Briarcliff Village is an excellent spot to relocate with your family and elders since there are a number of upright and dependable nursing homes right in the area. Brandywine Adult Home and Senior Quarters at Briarcliff Manor are two facilities which provide an abundance of care and understanding for your loved-ones.